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Forum of Swiss History, Schwyz

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Look here for visual material for the Forum of Swiss History in Schwyz and its permanent exhibitions. Please note that pictures may only be used for reporting purposes and must be published with reference to copyright, and that we must be provided with a copy of any such publication.

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Forum Schweizer Geschichte Schwyz. Aussenansicht mit Haupteingang.
©Schweizerisches Nationalmuseum
Forum Schweizer Geschichte Schwyz. Seitenansicht mit dem grossen Mythen im Hintergrund.
©Schweizerisches Nationalmuseum
View inside of the Scriptorium
© Swiss National Museum
View to the market booth
© Swiss National Museum
View to knight’s tombstone with plate armours
© Swiss National Museum
Media station «Little Knight»
For once, children are not only allowed to look at medieval weapons and suits of armour, they can actually touch them and even wear armour. In the ‘Knight’s Room’ girls can dress up as a medieval lady and boys can put on a knight’s harness and have their photograph taken.
© Swiss National Museum

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