Iron Age to Antiquity

Iron Age

Gold bangles and chokers, Erstfeld (canton of Uri).
Gold bangles and chokers, Erstfeld (canton of Uri).
From approx. 800 BCE
to the beginning of the Common Era

Key items include the La-Tène-Period collection of Emile Vouga of Neuchâtel, acquired by the Swiss federal govern-
ment in 1889, and the exceptionally copious finds from excavations in the canton of Ticino (at Arbedo and Giubiasco) between 1893 and 1905. Among other focuses are the Hallstatt and La-Téne-Period finds from the Swiss midlands, important underwater finds, and certain outstanding individual objects, such as the gold treasure of Erstfeld (canton of Uri) and the «Potinklumpen» or lump of metal containing antique coins found at the site of Zurich’s old stock exchange.

Antiquity (Romans and Early Middle Ages)

From approx. the beginning of the Common Era to 800 CE

The collection includes finds from settlements and excavations of significance for the history of Switzerland in the Roman and Early Mediaeval periods. These objects provide information about Roman ways of life, the period of migration, the area’s colonisation by the Alemannean, Franconian, Burgundian and Lombard peoples, as well as the Christianisation of the population.

From Roman Period to Early Middle Ages


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