Central catalogue

Central catalogue

The central catalogue – a central inventory of the collections – has been maintained since the National Museum Zurich was inaugurated in 1898. It contains numerous original inventories as well as other important written sources. At the moment, some 75,000 documentation elements (inventory books, registers ands databases) from the historical field and some 80,000 from archaeology (database) are thus centrally administered. The collections grow by an average of 1,500 documentation elements per year, or several thousand objects. Not included are large one-time acquisitions such as the Herzog photography collection. The catalogue also comprises additional source material from the Graphic Collection, the Collection of Seals, and Numismatics.

Among its main functions, the central catalogue maintains ongoing inventories, manages and develops the object database, responds to both internal and external queries and develops the museum archive. The central catalogue may be viewed by appointment.

You can make enquiries by telephone on +41 (0)44 218 65 48 or via e-mail to: Central catalogue.

For borrowing information please contact the registrar, Mr Bernard A. Schüle,
via e-mail: bernard.schuele@slm.admin.ch

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Central Catalogue:

Tel. +41 (0)44 218 65 48
Central catalogue

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