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1995 was a red-letter year for museums, with the very first institutions going online. These included the Computer Museum in Boston, Vienna’s Museum für Moderne Kunst Stiftung Ludwig, the Louvre in Paris, and New York’s Metropolitan Museum.

In 1996 the Swiss National Museum joined them online. Since then the multilingual homepage has been re-designed several times, and the available services have been added to continuously.

In 2001 the Time Machine became the museum’s first online exhibition with a show devoted to «Switzerland in Motion».

This was followed in 2003 by the Web collection, a digital presentation platform for the museums’ collections that made it possible among other things to order visual material. 

2004 saw the inauguration of Virtual Transfer, a site for interactive stories about museum objects. Historical and fictional witnesses present their views and paint a lively portrait of Swiss history.

The E-Newsletter has been distributed for more than five years, providing monthly information on the various events, guided tours and activities offered by the National Museums. Major special exhibitions receive their own homepages.

2007 saw the Homepage receive its most comprehensive overhaul to date. The main components of the museums and collections have now been assembled «under one roof» and given the name Swiss National Museum.

The Web team is composed of editors and conceptual designers as well as technicians. Together they are responsible for the homepage and the other online offerings of the Swiss National Museum as well as for their creation, maintenance and ongoing development.

For further information please contact webmaster@slm.admin.ch.


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