The Kitchen Garden

Redcurrant bush in the kitchen garden at Castle of Prangins
Redcurrant bush in the kitchen garden at Castle of Prangins
The kitchen garden is in its form a copy of an 18th century palatial garden. Here, old types and sorts of fruits and vegetables grow that were cultivated and eaten/consumed in the region some two and half centuries ago. These plants, to some extent all but forgotten today, serve as witnesses to the nutritional habits and customary use of the period. This living conservatorium thus serves as a hoard of a fragile and threatened heritage with historical, botanical and ethnological facets of a broad palette of indigenous vegetable and fruit plants.

The Visitor Centre is located in the outhouse of the château, so the estate can now be visited all year round. New! Audioguide to accompany a walking tour of the kitchen garden, focusing on around 20 different varieties (E/F/D).

The kitchen garden also provides information for the Agroscope Changins-Wädenswil Research Station genetic database, from which most of the seeds also come.

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