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Earthenware factory Ziegler in Schaffhausen

For almost 150 years and across five generations of the same family, the earthenware factory founded in 1828 by Jakob Ziegler-Pellis in Schaffhausen continued to produce its earthenware, until it closed in 1973.
The Swiss National Museum has pursued its policy of collecting and documenting the rich variety of Swiss ceramics production in the 20th century, and has in recent years acquired a representative selection of pieces from the Ziegler earthenware factory.

This covers the entire range, from widely-used household crockery, which may also include toilet articles and souvenirs, to art ceramics, which sold very successfully from the 1920s to the 1960s.

On the upper tray, the display shows popular crockery decorations such as the ‘country style’ (floral frieze), which were produced until around 1950, as well as one of the popular children’s plates. The vases, a box, a jug and a tray with accessories for smokers are typical for the period between the two World Wars. Some pieces reflect the form and design of the art deco style, which derived its name from the ‘Exposition internationale des Arts Décoratifs et industriels modernes’ in Paris in 1925.

The middle tray displays the subsequent output, until manufacture ceased in 1973. It is marked by the personality of Gustav Spörri (1902 – 1976), who was the artistic director of the art ceramics department from 1949, and from 1965 produced individual pieces in his own studio in Neuhausen. The two vases on the right date from that period.

The large-scale examples on the floor of the display cabinet again span the entire production period in the 20th century, and show the formal and technical diversity of the products of the Ziegler earthenware factory in Schaffhausen.

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